Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Floral Fun: Altered Clipboard

Scraps gain new life: Ali's cheery altered clipboard!

Just wanted to show you a fun clipboard that I altered WITH SCRAPS!!!

* First, I sanded the clipboard with 150 grit sandpaper to make sure that the papers adhered well.

* I used larger scraps of paper for the background which I simply Mod-Podged in place. They came from my scrap bin!

* Then, while those were still wet, I overlaid them with scraps of floral patterned paper, having cut out a selection of various flowers from my scrap bin beforehand.

* I also raided my flower bin and added a few prima flowers, for interest. There were many different styles of flower but they made a cheerful montage on the clipboard!

* Once the background was dry, I mod-podged over the flowers. Allowed that to dry.

* I podged the whole surface of the clipboard once or twice more with drying time in between to seal everything well.

IMPORTANT: As you create your decorated clipboard, be sure the altered surface is flat so that when you have paper on your clipboard, you can write properly with no "bumps!" I always simply place 2-3 sheets of paper under my main sheet to be extra sure the surface I'm writing on is as smooth as possible. Computer misprints (we ALL have those!) or scrap paper works fine as a "buffer" if you need one!

*At the top right of my clipboard, I gave new life to an epoxy-centered flower that had been salvaged from another project. I added a pink flower to accent it.

*I tied some fun and fuzzy coloured yarn thru the metal loop of my clipboard and Voila! A pretty clipboard to display near my desk!!

Have YOU made any altered clipboards?? This was my first one, and I'd LOVE to see yours! Leave us a link! I'll definitely be visiting to see what you've created!

Have a wonderful day, everyone! Remember to "Create-it GREEN!"



  1. Just adorable! Love the colors of your scraps!

  2. awesome idea, I always meant to do an altered clipboard!

  3. I just found your site through blogging and am sure glad I did! I love to reuse, repurpose items all the time! I became a follower! Thanks for the post with this cute clipboard. I have done a few of these and love them.

  4. Thanks everyone! Remember we'd LOVE to see YOUR creations too!

    Georgina, TY so much for becoming a follower! All welcome to do so!

  5. This is so great! My DH gave me a 20 y.o. worktruck clipboard, I actually rescued it seconds from the trash bin. The clip is broken off, but the aging of the masonite is what us mixed media artist try to create with sandpaper, inks and distressing. So I have to use this for something!

  6. Hi whyte!! THAT sounds AWESOME!!!! Can you share a photo of it when you're done creating it? Can't wait!! Thanks for visiting us here- come back soon! Always lots of new treats to share...

  7. cute project! And Whyte, I'd love to see yours when you decide what to do with it!

  8. So pretty, Ali and very colorful!!! Sweet!