Thursday, December 17, 2009

Save those OLD JEANS!

At my place, old jeans are fun and handy!
We save them all, big and little, all colours and sizes!

Here are some ideas for "greening" those old jeans:
1. Cut a patch from an old pair of jeans and make a repair... thus extending the life of your nine year-old's favourite and still-wearable denims!

GREEN TIP: If you save many different colours of denim jeans, they can be extra handy as patches -- you can match the patch to the jeans needing it!

2. Make-believe: Create a pair of pretend suspenders for the dress-up bin! (LOL)

Daniel (9) as Super-Mario wearing his "jean" suspenders!!

3. Embellish a layout! Stitch strips of denim to your layout's edge- thus creating a GREAT border for kid layouts!

4. Ease the journaling job! Use a pocket from the back of the old jeans on a LO to make it "interactive." It can hold a "secret" note or pull-out journaling, even a "library card!!"

5. Cut a triangle of denim and embellish with scraps. Then apply to a Kraft gift bag... an instant bohemian-style bag!!

Crooked tree in denim: A bohemian-style gift bag

6. Stitch a pocket! Make tough little utensil pockets for camping or hiking. My daughter took hers on a trip to Toronto with a group of youth, and found it handy in the hotel room kitchenette and when they went on sightseeing tours- no sandwiches for that girl! She brought salad with her for lunch! LOL

TIP: Remember that a utensil pocket w/ utensils inside cannot go in your carry-on luggage if you are flying. Put it in your suitcase! :)

Utensil Pocket with Nova Scotia tartan bias tape as tie closure

Closed Denim Utensil Pocket

I hope this post has sparked some "green-jean" ideas for you!
Be sure to post a link for us so that we can visit your blog and see YOUR jean projects! Have a GREAT day! ~Ali


  1. I really like your tree for the gift bag.

    I have seen were someone used the pocket and sewed it to a place mat to use for the utensils and napkin. They used them on picnic's.

  2. So many great ideas,Ali! Thanks for posting them!