Saturday, January 9, 2010


I made this little gift box by nabbing one of those FREE McD gift card holders that look like their fries boxes. I carefully took it apart and used it as a template. Voila, a gift box!

This idea is not really "recycling" as such but re-using, maybe! Aren't notebooks just so plain and blahhhh? Well, I took one apart carefully (just by bending the wire a little, it simply comes out easy by twisting it out). I glued some pretty patterned paper onto the front and fancied it up. And, now the notebook is wayyyyyyy more fun!!! Ready to give away, or keep for yourself! haha!

Oh, our FIRST DT reveal will take place on January 15th!!! So be watching for it!!!


  1. Such lovely ideas deanne! Great job! Love these 2 projects...

  2. Another 2 great projects! Love the fry box! can't wait to see what you have planned for the 15th!

  3. Great projects !!
    the fry box is very pretty!

  4. Nice job, very lovely creations ladies!

  5. so much fun, Deanne! you are just as clever as can be! :)