Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cropped-off "Photo Scraps" as embellishments!

Have you ever cropped a photo and thought "JEEPERS! That's pretty--- that piece I had to crop off!" ???

A couple of years ago I began saving cropped off scraps of photos that I just KNEW could be used as embellishments on cards or to add interest to layouts. Some of them were real gems: things like flowers, parts of textured items like tree bark, brick, woodgrain flooring, sand, grass or even the leaves on a bush.

Here is an example: on the card below, the brick with the bleeding-heart bush in front of it made a beautiful embellie on a card I made for a friend who was going thru a rough time.

What cropped-off scraps of photos can YOU save? What can you create with them?

And...What sort of a container can you stash these handy cropped-off photo gems in? I use a recycled Swiffer Wet Jet floor cloths box to store mine! Wash out well, and label. They are rectangular, flat and the best part is,
can be stacked!


  1. Very clever! It looks fantastic!

  2. thats a great idea, way to go neatness!

  3. What an awesome idea! This is a great use for the scraps of paper you couldnt bear to throw away as well.....

  4. That is a great idea & looks really good! I wish I had saved some of my beach scraps. Those would have made pretty embellishments. Will have to remember to do this from now on!