Monday, March 15, 2010

MARCH Sketch and Challenge Reveals

Here is the layout sketch that the Layout team used.
Layout Team
ALEXA GILL -I created my background paper using old book pages & the 'map' card was
saved from a pack of kids playing cards. 

My recycled items are: wallpaper and flowers & leaves pulled off an old hat.

-I am working on a baby album for my best friend.  She is a new mom and these are pictures from the first day of feeding at home!! I decided instead of flowers for the side accent, I would make a baby bottle.  I have all these little ziplock bags from buying beads and buttons and never know what to do with them. I put some old craft glue and some white glitter in and sealed the bag.  Then add the baby top and paper to look like the seal. Another touch was the lace used on the blue circle.  This came from an old baby dress that had a hole in it. My friend was going to get rid of it but I thought I could use the trim!!

KANDI PHILLIPS  -My green item is handmade paper. I recently had some cardstock get wet and I thought it was ruined. Instead of tossing it, I blended it up to make handmade paper! The die cut flowers and circle are from one screen and I have plenty left to use for another project. You can also use newspaper or junk mail, along with some Acid Free powder, to make paper and recycle those tossable items as well!

TANYA SMITH  -I used three recycled items in it! I used a girl scout cookie box and hand cut the word “Climb” for the title. I also used an empty toilet paper roll for the stems of the flowers and I cut a Trader Joes Gift Card folder for the peach color paper underneath the group picture.

and MINE- I used a sheet of paper from a scrapbook for the background.
Great work, ladies!!!

Here's the card sketch.
Card Team

VICTORIA WARREN-MEARS -The recycled item is the paper with the number 50 on it.  It is a page from a 1933 journal that I found at an antique shop.

and MINE -I used the cardboard that comes with the Basic Grey embellishments. I used it as the background for the card.

We would LOVE to see you try some of these challenges!!! Please let us know if you are inspired to create it GREEN!!!!!


  1. These are just great! I'm proud to be part of this wonderful dt!

  2. What beautiful work!! GREAT job card and LO Team!! WAY to GO!

  3. Fabulous projects, everyone!!

  4. WOW!!! I am just amazed at all the fantastic ideas you ladies have come up with to recycle those toss outs!!! Super job with the sketches and Challenge!!