Thursday, April 15, 2010

APRIL Challenge Reveal!

The challenge is...

ANYTHING GOES as long as it has a "green" item (recycled item) on it!

Layout Team creations  
Alexa Gill
I used the inside of some envelopes for my page, you know the ones you get your bank statement and junk main in? Well some of them have really nice patterns on the inside! I cut some circles in my cardstock and then glued parts of the envelopes to the back of my page to show through the holes.  
I used an old piece of cardboard, some string, 2 old tickets and a small pc. of a library date slip.  
The brown and white felt is recycled from a felt purse my friend made me a couple years back.  She is not a "crafty" person by nature so I hated to part with it but I rarely used it.  While I was putting it in the get rid of pile, I realized I could reuse the felt myself.  Add some buttons and thread and presto, I give you felt flowers.   

Kandi Phillips
How many of you have missing pieces to a puzzle? In my case, we got puzzles in a kids meal, so I swiped the pieces (since they probably would have ended up in the garbage!) and painted them for my layout. Looking around the house for unwanted or unused items for your scrapbooks is a great way to go green, and add fun details to your pages! One fun thing to note - Before the paint was dry I shot it with my heat gun. The heat caused the white to do a cool crackle look, and the black to bubble, which was a really cool look too!

Card Team creations  
Victoria Warren-Mears
I used recycled kids magazine from my sons religious ed class.
A scrap of music from the program that was written by the pianist.
Recycled ribbon from a gift I received recently.

Altered Art Team creations
Jean Marie Pennington

The Basket I found at a local Goodwill Store for 50 cents.Material is upcycled from an Upholstry Fabric Sample Album.The buttons are from a tin of buttons that once belonged to my G.G. Aunt Alice.I used a soft foam block that came as packaging in a box. wooden skewers from my kichen and hemp rope for the stems.Topped off with some Spanish Moss

Ali MacDonald
I altered a standing 4x6" picture frame I bought from the odds and ends bin at the local Frenchy's (a second-hand store-- you may even have them there! they are all over NS and a few in NB too!)!
We would LOVE to see you try this challenge!!! Please let us know if you are inspired to create it GREEN!!!!! 


  1. Awesome new projects! I am inspired!

  2. Those are some great is one of mine "going green".

  3. Great job Create it-GREEN Design Team! So beautiful. Loved loved loved reading all the extra little details everyone provided... Hope we can continue that! It's so much fun!!!

  4. Way to go DT! Congrats on the beautiful creations!

  5. Fantastic Job Ladies! I look forward each month to seeing all the different ideas!

  6. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.......................................................

  7. What awesome projects using recycled products!!!
    Here’s my card.