Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Day Blog Hop DAY 2

Welcome to Create it Green’s Earth Day Blog Hop ---- Day 2!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Don't forget to leave a comment on each blog on the hop for the chance to win one of our amazing prizes from our super generous sponsors!!!

Faye Here! Hi all! I have what I think is an awesome tutorial for you all today. I am going to show you how to make really fun paper blossoms.

STEP 1: Find paper with fun images or patterns like from a magazine... my favorite are fashion magazines like such. This is from Aprils Glamour Magazine. I liked the pattern of the bottom bag.

STEP 2: Collect materials... tear out the images you like from your magazines, old books, really anything you want. Pick two or more that go together and grab some tulle that coordinates... oh and don't forget the brad.

STEP 3: Cut circles... these do not have to be perfect circles (personally I just wing it). With the magazine paper I cut with shape scissors to give the flower edge. Depending on how many paper images you are using for each flower the circles need to be different sizes. Once they are cut you should fold them and roll their edges between your fingers. This will help give the flowers dimension.

STEP 4: The tulle I cut multiple circles, usually 5-10 and the sizes can vary. Don't throw away the remnants of the tulle... we are going to use that too!

I have laid out almost every thing you need right here. STEP 5: Layer and layer... starting with the largest circle begin layering the materials. I usually put a tulle layer between each layer of paper again for dimension. When using the tulle, I like to off set the center slightly of each piece of tulle to mimic petals.

STEP 6: Putting it together... take the left over tulle scraps and roll them between the palms of your hands until you have a little poof ball. Take your brad (I make glitter brads by taking office supply gold brads dipping them in glue and then glitter) and push it through the center of your poof ball. The nice thing about tulle is that it already had holes and is easy to maneuver through.

Now you are going to push the brad through the center of the layered flower you created. Some of you may prefer punching a hole in the paper before this step and that is fine but if you are like me, you can just push the brad through the paper as you go. Secure the brad on the back and you have a flower!

STEP 7: Add flare... first think I do is bend up the paper around the brad to give shape and then I turn each layer of paper slightly to off set the paper bends. Again this adds that dimension. Adding the feathers or maybe even leaves would just be an extra kick to this fabulous flower

Now hopefully I did not make it sound harder than it really is. It is a great use of paper that you would otherwise get rid of. I actually made a paper flower out of a magazine article that featured a friend of mine. I didn't want to throw the article away but I had no other use for it. I was able to cut the paper just right that the center flower had her name featured and then I used that flower on a scrapbook page about her.

When you visit my blog later you might notice this exact flower is part of the blog hop prize I am giving out.

This blog hop will run from today, April 22nd until Sunday, April 26th, midnight PST. We will be drawing for winners on April 27.

Thanks for stopping by. You are now off to check out Alexa's blog! Have fun and see you soon!!!


  1. this is soooooo cool! thanks for the great idea! :)

  2. Awesome tutorial!! love the flower.

  3. I love the shabbiness of your flower and after trying it, can't wait to share this with my students in our next class. Our May theme is flowers and this is a great kick off flower. Thanks.

  4. How awesome! Thanks for the great tutorial on how to make these! Off to hop!

  5. Whoa that is some colorful flower!! Its very earth day celebrations, as it covers all the colors of the world.

  6. what a great idea with the magazines for the flowers!

  7. wow this is super sweet. my daughter loved the flower you did with all the brightness now she wants to do some ahaah

  8. FABULOUS flower!!! LOVE the added touch of feathers!

  9. Thanks for the great tutorial!! Love this flower!

  10. Thank you for sharing the tutorial for this fun flower!!