Sunday, November 29, 2009

Rustic Woodland Reindeer

Hello, my name is Jean Marie .
Excited to be a part of the Create It Green Team.
Look forward to sharing Eco Friendly projects and ideas with everyone.

Thought I would like to share with you, a fun little project that is not only Eco friendly, but very easy and a fun seasonal decoration for the whole family to create together.
It also makes for a healthy family walk together in the woods.

Supplies needed are some twigs or sticks, a pair of nippers and hot glue.

1.Cut 4 sticks to an even size for the legs.

2. One stick slightly smaller for the body, try to break your stick at the joint so you will be left with a small nub for the tail.

3. for the neck and the head break of a piece of stick that has a branch off , at the top.
This will leave you with a nice head piece.

4. for the antlers it is much easier to use a small twig that has a Y already formed, building up your antlers with small nips of twigs as you go along.
Building your antlers all together before hot gluing to the head is the easiest way to go about this step.

5. Begin with the legs hot gluing to the body and continue to on to the neck & head than antlers.
If you find it uneven just give the legs a quick nip with the nippers.

There you have it...from nature to your home.
You can preserve these deer by adding a coat of sealer...or add to the mulch pile or kindling for the fire place when it is time to take down the Holiday decorations.


  1. Very cool project Jean!! I have alot of branches in my backyard to cut up.

  2. Jean---I love this project. I am crazy about things made with bark and twigs! It's Woodland Chic!

  3. These are so cute, Jean! I've seen these done with big "junks" of wood and made into lawn decorations!!!

  4. Jean Marie,
    These reindeer are adorable!

  5. Wow these are just GREAT,,sooooo cute and woodsie ..Awesome idea...
    Hugs Dena

  6. Great project! I'm gonna try it today.