Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving recycling

If you are blog hop today while you are waiting for the turkey to cook, please tell us what you will be recycling or re-purposing to use in your crafts.

I have visited the compost pile, saved the mesh bag that the turkey came in as well as a plastic container that the raspberries came in.

Please leave us a comment and tell us what you found today to recycle, re-use or re-purpose.


  1. I got the best round box! We served cheese and crackers before dinner. The cheese was The Laughing Cow Spreadable Wedges! The box is so cute...great decorated for a jewelry gift, or maybe I'll make a snowflake photo book that fits inside! I'll let you know what I decide!

  2. Great "saves" girls! I salvaged the strip of 4" wide cardboard (it seems to be the weight of a decent cardstock) that was wrapped around the 10 pack of Minute Maid apple juice boxes that I opened this Am to get juice to put in my kids' lunch boxes. (Not a Holiday here in Canada, LOL, our Thanksgiving was in October.) I even took a before pic of the strip of cardboard, LOL! It will be good covered with pp, fan-folded and used as the base for a Mini Album! HAPPY THANKSGIVING USA girls!

  3. I had my grandkids in for a visit so we got the Christmas decorations out and put the tree 5 yr old grandson's eyes got really big when he saw "poppers" (the bubble wrap we use to store some Christmas items)...well, I spoke right up and said, "hey, Jayden...Mema uses that for scrapbooking:) Anyway, that will become a "mask" for painting, I'm sure. Also, I found that some of the "old" newspapers we used for storing things will make some nice "vintage" tags for gifts this year:)

  4. Great ideas ladies!!! I'm always keeping jars, tins and boxes from my kitchen to re-purpose!!!