Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tissue Paper Tutorial

Do you ever find that after Christmas or a birthday you end up with loads of tissue paper? Thought so! Tissue paper can be fun to use on papercrafting projects, i like to layer it on background paper to add texture. i've even added it onto canvas for paintings. Today i wanted to show you how to make a flower embellishment from tissue paper. This is just to get you started off though, there are tons of possibilities!

First off you'll need several layers of tissue paper. Then you need to cut your flower. i used my sissix machine, but you could easily handcut some. Most die cut machines will cut through several layers.

Then you need to seperate each layer. You'll need to glue each layer together, but it's very fragile so be careful! i'd advise you use a dry glue. If you're finding this a bit too fiddly, you can always just put a brad through the middle to hold them all together.

Then all you need to do is glue a button or gem in the centre.

Here's the layout i made using my flower.

Be sure to post a link here if you make any flowers yourself!