Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Treat Cups

Here is the project that I was going to post during the blog hop but couldn't do it because of family circumstances.

I started with cleaned fruit cups and filled them with treats.

I'll show you three different ways to turn these cups into treat cups.

With one of the cups I covered the top with mesh and clear gift wrap.

Then I wrapped it down around and tied a piece of ribbon around it.

The next treat cup I put in a zippy bag and closed it up.

I tied a piece of ribbon around the bag and trimmed off the top of the bag. To make it easy to pull together I poked a little hole in it to let the air out as I pulled the ribbon together.

The third I laid on a piece of tissue paper.

I pulled it up around the treat cup and tied a piece of ribbon around it.

So there you have it. Not too hard or fancy but adds a nice touch to a treat. I did these for Valentine's Day but ,of course, they can be used for any occasion, even as birthday treats. So, start saving those little fruit cups! They'll come in handy sometime!!!